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Version 3.0

Personal task manager

Main features
Things allows to-dos to be subdivided into several sections, which roughly correspond to parts of the Getting Things Done methodology:

Inbox is used to temporarily collect to-dos which have not been filed into a specific list yet.

Projects are collections of to-dos that contribute to the completion of a larger goal (e.g., "Plan Holiday"). A project can be subdivided with headings. Once the project is finished, the user marks it complete and it moves to the Logbook with all the to-dos it contains.

Areas can be used to group together projects and to-dos which correspond to the same, ongoing theme (e.g., "Work" or "Family"). Unlike projects, areas are perpetual, do not have a checkbox, and are never completed.

Today automatically collects to-dos which are due, or scheduled to begin, from all the user's lists into one centralized place; they are the user's priorities for the current day.

This Evening is a separate section at the bottom of Today where the user can set aside to-dos they don't plan to do until later in the evening.

Upcoming contains to-dos and projects that have been postponed to a specific date, as well as to-dos that are automatically generated based on repeating patterns chosen by the user.

Anytime is an overview of active to-dos from across all of the user's projects and areas (i.e., to-dos not scheduled for a later date, or postponed in Someday).

Someday is used to store to-dos which need to be done, but are not time critical (or are on hold).

  • Productivity, Utilities

    Requires at least macOS 10.12 Sierra or any more recent version
  Optimized for Macs with Intel & Apple Silicon processors

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